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He is wonderful, cuddly, tough, wild, smart, clumsy, sneaky, warm, rough, playful, charming, terrible and very boyish. I'm talking about my new love, Extra, a seal tabby point male Siamese.
The other day he pushed something on to the floor and I got very angry. All the cats run to hide. Less than one minute later, he comes flying back into the room and up on the hanging lamp, just like a cartoon, his eyes, ears and legs going in all directions.
His name is S*Hi Tor's Extra Everandforever. The females are not very fond of him. Naive me hoped for him to get four new mothers and playmates, when he moved in. 
Not even now, when they are not afraid of him any more, can he sleep on their soft warm coats. 
I can't say I blame them. When they come purring with a friendly tail towards him, he dances on his hind legs, boxes with his front legs urging them to play.
When he wants me to wake up, he turns the tele on. When the phone rings, he tries to answer. When I plant something, he pulls them up after me.
I am trying to encourage him to communicate with me. It all started with him being a very good little boy telling, when he wanted to be let out of the living room, because he needed to go to the bathroom. 

You probably guessed, he his taking advantage of this. When I lie down on the sofa watching tele, he makes me jump up and down all the time to open the living room door. Me getting a bit old and having some trouble getting up, doesn't make it better. If I don't listen to him, he smashes the plant on to the floor!

He was born 2002-02-25 and he is the best thing that happened to me in a very long time.



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