PINEMARTEN DIPOLMAT - Lilac and White Bi-Colour carrying Colourpointed
Champion Popsox Chop Noodle x Pinemarten Junko Tabei)


BRI c 03

Champion Popsox Chop Noodle
BRI c 03

He is P.K.D. Negative, and does not carry the colourpointed gene.
Blood group A
His breeder is Laura Sanky.

Huge boy of two and a half years of age of very good weight and with good muscle tone. Head has full cheeks  with good breadth to skull but slightly flat top of head, good width between neat ears set far apart so following the outer contours of the head, small in size and rounded at tips. Rounded brow and short, straight, broad nose. Level bite and good depth chin. Deep golden colour to large and well open eyes set wide apart.  Slightly long but cobby body equally massive across the shoulders and the rump with a level back, low on legs and with a full, broad, deep chest. Proportionate, strong, well boned legs and large, rounded paws.  Medium length tail, thicker at base but tapers to a fine tip.  Fairly short coat with good density just the soft side of crisp in texture.  Lilac and White Bi-Colour of slightly dark but even lilac colour well defined with white to lower cheeks, lips, throat, chest, broken collar, front legs and paws broken by colour, centre of tummy and short back boots.

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Pinemarten Junko Tabei
BRI b 03 33

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