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Lulu Bjorklund
female, golden shaded, BSH ny 11
RU-0164-18 b: 170407

Ägare: Ann Lundgren

Melvin-Minx Sun Ray
BSH ny 25

Golden Garry von Wahrberg
BSH ny 25

Andy von Wahrberg
BSH ny 11 ·
(DE)RCC 98202 Bd. II

Maurice von Wahrberg
BSH ny 21 33 ·
(DE)1.DEKZV LO 219350
Kandy v. Romero
BSH ny 11 ·
(DE)1.DEKZV RX 211708
D-Golden Diana vom Rosentor
BSH ny 25 · 2006-02-12
(DE)ERKVB 173/03

IC Freedom zur Räuberhöhle
BRI ny 25, 2003-07-29
IC Marvellous Miss Goldfever
BRI ny 25, 2002-08-29
Gryffindors Golden Bellatrix
BSH ny 25

IC Volcano Rubio D'Oaxaca
BRI ny 11, 2006-02-18 [h]

IC Gucci of Emmeli's Edition
BRI ny 25, 2004-08-10

CH Gold Rubinia D'Oaxaca
BRI ny 11, 2004-03-04

Golden-Zöe v Wahrberg
BRI ny 11, 2006-06-12 [p] [h]

IC Eddie Vom Kreuzanger
BRI ny 11, 2003-10-01

GIC Patty v Felden
BRI ny 11, 2003-06-27

Greta Belaya Noch'
BSH ny 11

Leo of Belaya Noch'
BSH ny 11

ICh Violet
BSH ny 11
Born to Be a Star
BSH ns 11
Jassy Blond My-Mirage
BSH ny 11
ICh Lucia
BSH ns 11
Arnold Ma Jolie
BSH ns 11


Hillari Star Platina Plus
BSH ns 11
Fluffy Tail Regina
BSH ns 12

Captain Peppercats
BSH ns 11

Greendale Sergeant Pepper
BSH ns 11

Petunia Snow Queen
BSH ns 11


Pearl of Empire's Be Magic
BSH ns 11
Witchwoods Lionheart
BSH ny12

The Pearl of Empire's Revolution in Love
BSH ns 11

The top section (where I've put my terms) has a fixed height
of about 395 pixels. Any more than that and the cell becomes
larger than the graphics.

Font used is President. Colour is #5F2863.
If you want a different title, buttons, etc, I'll be
happy to change them for a modest fee.


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